checkmate is a series of apps that will radicalise the construction industry.

SITEcheckmate is a pioneering app that tracks plant usage and operative movement on site to build up operational health data.


SITEcheckmate will immediately:

  • improve control of plant
  • improve control of safe ways of working
  • make site management more efficient
  • allow site managers more time on site or reduce the levels of site management
  • include health and safety in the project BIM

Our aim is to develop an occupational health standard for the design, build and operation of buildings, allowing clients and designers to make informed decisions around not only the products and technologies they select, but the demands and pressure we put on our teams through the lifetime of that building.

OCCUhealth will provide a BREEAM type rating for occupational health to promote safer designed buildings, construction sites that consider mental health and wellbeing of operatives and buildings that consider facility staff occupational health

Other Checkmate products in development....