A pioneering app to control safety on site and collate operational health data

The system aims to be totally flexible and usable, accessing data from site access systems and plant maintenance checks, giving the site manager their whole filing cabinet of data in the palm of his hand.

Stood on site any operative or site manager can access project and health and safety data in several different ways.
- by scanning a data tag plant or equipment they can see who owns it and their contact details, that the daily checks or regular maintenance is up to date, when the next planned maintenance is, which operative is registered and trained to use the plant or equipment, the method statement associated with the work and the relevant element of the BIM
- by scanning an operatives finger print the user can see who they work for, what training and qualifications they hold, what method statements they are working to and if they have reviewed them,  the associated element of the BIM, and what plant and equipment they are registered to use and subsequently all the data regarding daily checks and maintenance
- by interrogating the BIM the user can see each relevant method statement, who has reviewed it, what plant and equipment is associated with each element and whether or not it is on site. The user can also access the relevant part of the BIM from the GPS location and utilising augmented reality can visualise what the completed section will look like

The most exciting aspect of SITEcheckmate is the ability to collate data around how we build projects. By tracking operative and plant movement around site for the duration of the project, we can start to build up a better understanding of how to reduce occupational health issues in the industry. This will lead to a revolutionary assessment methodology, a kin to BREEAM, to demonstrate that the project is reducing the impact of occupational health for the designers, operatives and maintenance staff.